May 21, 2023 Bulletin


Sat. 20: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

          +Anna Mamone from

          Byzantine Social Club

Sun. 21: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

           Sunday of the Fathers of the

           1st Ecumenical Council

           +Clement Smreck from his

            sister Mathilda (Tillie)


 Mon. 22: NO LITURGY

Tues. 23: NO LITURGY


Thurs. 25: NO LITURGY

Fri. 26: 10:00 am @ Infant Jesus

+ Robert Soccorsi from Jeff Soccorsi and Family

Sat. 27: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

           5th All Souls Saturday

          +Leonard Slemons from

          Dr. William Begella

Sun. 28: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

           Pentecost Sunday

           +Irene Kollar from Karen &

           Kathy Kollar

Collection Report

Week of 05/14/2023

$                1605.00    Offertory

$                  175.00    Seminary

$                    35.00    Holy Days

$                    49.00    Votive Candles

$                  200.00    Maintenance Fund

$                2114.00    TOTAL

Attendance from last week’s Liturgies:

Saturday: 25

Sunday: 83



Richard Kuty, Pearl Tablack, Nina Zavatsky, Bernie Litwin & Joe Mistovich all at home. Dolores Schurko & Louise Macabobby at Hampton Wood and the rest of our parishioners who are in nursing homes.  May God grant to all the sick of our parish many blessed, happy and healthier years.


If any parishioner or family member is ill & would like to be on the pray list, or receive get-well wishes, call Karen or Kathy Kollar @330-272-1857.


Our 50th Anniversary are available to purchase for $15-please see Fr. Michael to purchase.  Those who generously donated and receive a free book, please see Fr. Michael or Paula Slemons.


The Altar & Rosary Society will be praying the rosary on Sunday, June 4th at 8:30 am. Everyone is welcomed.


We will be having our “helping hands” day on Saturday, June 3rd beginning at 9:00 am-weather permitting.  All parishioners are welcomed to help prepare the parish grounds for the spring/summer season. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Living our Faith, Moving Forward, appreciating our past will be the topic of Metropolitan Assembly this year November 2-5 in Hillsborough, NJ

More information on website:


The Sanctuary candles will be lit for the entire week for your intentions.

For the week of May 21-27 the left sanctuary candle is in memory of +Janice Salcedo from her nieces-Bri and Elena Slemons & Britney Jonda and nephew Bob Jonda. The right sanctuary candle is in memory of +Mykola & +Claudia Lenyk from Lenyk family.

Knowledge of the true god nurtures us to eternal life. Cyril of Alexandria: Are we saying that knowledge is eternal life? Are we saying that to know the one true and living God will suffice to give us complete security for the future without need of anything else? Then how is “faith apart from works dead”? When we speak of faith, we mean the true knowledge of God and nothing else, since knowledge comes by faith. The prophet Isaiah tells us this: “If you do not believe, neither shall you understand.” But he is not talking about a knowledge that consists in barren speculations, which is entirely worthless. For one of the holy disciples said, “You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder.” What then shall we say to this? How is it that Christ speaks the truth when he says that eternal life is the knowledge of God the Father, the one true God, and with him of the Son? I think, indeed, we must answer that the saying of the Savior is completely true. For this knowledge is life, laboring as it were in birth of the whole meaning of the mystery and granting to us participation in the mystery of the Eucharist, whereby we are joined to the living and life-giving Word. And for this reason, I think, Paul says that the Gentiles are made fellow members of the body and fellow partakers of Christ, inasmuch as they partake in his blessed body and blood. And our members may in this sense be conceived of as being members of Christ. This knowledge, then, which also brings to us the Eucharist by the Spirit, is life. For it dwells in our hearts, reshaping those who receive it into sonship with him and molding them into incorruption and piety toward God through life, according to the Gospel. Our Lord Jesus Christ, then, knowing that the knowledge of the one true God brings to us and promotes our union with the blessings of which we have spoken, says that it is eternal life. It is the mother and nurse of eternal life, being in its power and nature pregnant with those things that cause life and lead to life. Commentary on the Gospel of John 11:5.

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