January 30, 2022 Bulletin


Sat. 29: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

            For the parishioners

Sun. 30: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

            Sunday of Zaccheus

            Three Holy Hierarchs

            Health & well-being of John A

            & Mary Ann Basista on their

            70th wedding anniversary from

            John M. & Gwyneth Basista

            and Thomas & Gloria Basista           


Tues. Feb. 1: NO LITURGY

Wed. 2: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

            Meeting of Our Lord with

            Simeon & Anna

            +Paul Swantek from Ann


Thurs. 3: NO LITURGY

 Fri. 4: 8:15 am @ Infant Jesus

            For the Living & deceased

            Members of the Sacred Heart


 Sat. 5: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

            + Michael Virostek Sr. from

            Mike Virostek Jr. & Phyllis


Sun. 6: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

            Sunday of the Publican and


            For the Living & deceased

            Members of the Altar &

            Rosary Society

Collection Report

Week of 1/23/2022

$               1093.00           Offertory

$                     5.00           Holy Day

$                     8.00           BWC refund

$                   23.00           Candles

$               1129.00          TOTAL

Attendance from last week’s Liturgies:

Saturday: 14

Sunday: 30

On Line: 10


Richard Kuty, Pearl Tablack, & Patricia Flaherty, & Bernie Litwin all at home. Mary Rotunno at Assumption, Dolores Schurko & Louise Macabobby at Hampton Woods, and the rest of our parishioners who are in nursing homes.  May God grant to all the sick of our parish many blessed, happy and healthier years.


If any parishioner or family member is ill & would like to be on the pray list, or receive get-well wishes, call Karen or Kathy Kollar @330-272-1857.


Congratulations to Maryna Farynets who received her “white coat” for nursing this past week. Maryna is enrolled in the nursing program at YSU. Good luck and great job!


As we are continuing to work on the 50th anniversary book, we are asking for more pictures from 1971 to present of events of Infant Jesus of Prague. Please bring to father Michael so we can complete and have the book available as soon as possible.


There is a sign-up sheet on the vestibule table for any parishioner who would like an end of the year contribution statement. For those who signed up, your statements are on the table in the vestibule.  


Altar & Rosary Society will be praying the rosary the NEXT Sunday February 6th at 8:30 am. All parishioners, families and friends are invited.


The Sanctuary candles will be lit for the entire week for your intentions.

For the week of Jan. 30-Feb. 5 the right sanctuary candle is for the special intentions of Tillie Chachko. There is no request for the left sanctuary candle.

Zacchaeus Welcomes Jesus to His House.

Augustine: The Lord, who had already welcomed Zacchaeus in his heart, was now ready to be welcomed by him in his house. He said, “Zacchaeus, hurry up and come down, since I have to stay in your house.” He thought it was a marvelous piece of good luck to see Christ. While imagining it was a marvelous piece of luck quite

beyond words to see him passing by, he was suddenly found worthy to have him in his house.

Grace is poured out, and faith starts working through love. Christ, who was already dwelling in his heart, is welcomed into his house. Zacchaeus says to Christ, “Lord, half my goods I give to the poor, and if I have cheated anyone of anything, I am paying back four times over.” It is as if he were saying, “The reason I am keeping back half for myself is not in order to have it, but to have something from which to pay people back.”

There you are. That is really what welcoming Jesus means, welcoming him into your heart. Christ was already there. He was in Zacchaeus and spoke through him. The apostle says that this is what it means, “For Christ to dwell by faith in your hearts.” sermon 174.5.

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