June 6, 2021 Bulletin


Sat. 5: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

             For the parishioners

Sun. 6: 9:00am @ Infant Jesus

             2nd Sunday after Pentecost

             For the Living & Deceased

             Members of the Altar

             Rosary Society


Tues. 8: 9:00 am@ Infant Jesus

             + Edward Halus from

              Marcie A. Wirties

Wed. 9: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

             +Steve & + Beverly Verosky

              From Dr. Andrew Bulazo

Thurs. 10: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

               +Anne Sharshan from

               Patty & Ron Bednar

Fri. 11: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

              +Sophie & Victor “Vito”

              Cimino from family

Sat. 12: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

              For the health & well-being

              of  sisters-Anna Momone &

              Helen Mock from Mary &

              Jerry Novak

Sun. 13: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

  3rd Sunday after Pentecost

  + Helen Brill from Paul &

  Mary Kasper

Collection Report

Week of 5/30/2021

$               1199.00           Offertory

$                 110.00           Holy Day

$                   73.00           Candles

$                   50.00           Maintenance Fund

$                   70.00           Peter’s Pence

$                   15.00           Seminary Fund

$              1,517.00          TOTAL

Attendance from last week’s Liturgies:

 Saturday: 29

 Sunday: 60

 On Line: 7


Ken & Bernie Litwin, Richard Kuty, Pearl Tablack, Patricia Flaherty & all at home. Mary Rotunno at Assumption, Louise Macabobby at Hampton Woods, and the rest of our parishioners who are in nursing homes.  May God grant to all the sick of our parish many blessed, happy and healthier years.


If any parishioner or family member is ill & would like to be on the pray list, or receive get-well wishes, call Karen or Kathy Kollar @330-272-1857.


The praying of the rosary by the Altar Rosary Society will be THIS Sunday June 6, 2021 @ 8:30 am, prior to 9:00 am Liturgy. All parishioners are invited.


Thank you to Lodge GCU 442 for offering last Sunday’s liturgy for all the veterans, armed service members, civil servants, first responders and health care providers. Also, for holding the flag blessing ceremony.


Thank you to all volunteers who is doing a great job by maintaining our property and a Church building. May God bless them with His heavenly blessing and grant them many and blessed years.


The Sanctuary candles will be lit for the entire week for your intentions. The right sanctuary candle is for the health & well-being of Anna Mamone and the left sanctuary candle is for the health & well being of Helen Mock both from Jerry & Mary Novak

‘They immediately left the ship and their Father”

The second Sunday after Pentecost shows us the practical application of the great call to renunciation formulated by Jesus in the gospel for the first Sunday. The gospel read today at the liturgy (Matt. 4:18-23) tells of the calling of the first apostles. On the shore of Lake Galilee, Jesus sees Simon and Andrew fishing. He says to them: ‘Follow me’. He wants to make them fishers of men. ‘And they straightway left their nets, and followed him’. Further on Jesus meets James and John, also fishermen, in the company of their father, Zebedee. Jesus calls them. ‘They immediately left the ship and their father, and followed him.’ The new disciples abandoned their nets and their ships: ‘Jesus sometimes asks us to renounce our profession, our instruments of work, whatever we possess. But some sons, at the call of Jesus, abandon their father too: sometimes he wants us to abandon family affections, human friendships, created love. This is not a purely negative attitude. Jesus’ call has a very positive aspect: one must follow the Master. But the first apostles could not have followed the Master if they had not first of all left their ships, and their nets, and their father. And what have I abandoned in order to follow Jesus? What does he want me to leave?

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