Bulletin September 10, 2017

Liturgical Schedule

Sat.      09; Saturday Prefestive the Exaltation of the Cross Synaxis of Joachim and Anna

            6:00pm Liturgy for the Parishioners

Sun.      10; Sunday before the Exaltation of the Cross

            9:00am Living and Deceased Members of the Altar and Rosary Society

Mon.    11;

            NO LITURGY

Tues.    12;

            9:00am at St. Nicholas + George and Jean Getsy from Dr. Andrew Bulazo

Wed.    13; Pre Festive for Exaltation of the Holy Cross

            6:30pm at Infant Jesus+ Joe Pavlov Jr. from Lora Opsitnik

Thurs    14; Exaltation of the Holy Cross

            9:00am at St. Nicholas + George and Jean Getsy from Dr. Andrew Bulazo

Fri      15;

            8:30am +Father Robert Halus from Dennis and Cheryl Richard

Sat  16;

1:00pm Wedding of Chelsea Proverbs and Michael Patoray

            6:00pm Liturgy for the Parishioners

Sun.      10; Sunday After the Exaltation of the Cross

9:00 am +Melissa Riddick from Greg, Paula, Brianna and Elena Slemons

Announcements and information

Please Pray For the Health & Well-Being Of Our Parishioners:

Thomas Urdea ,Richard Kuty, Margaret Arvin, Louise Macabobby, Anne Anos and Eleanore Timko Patricia Flaherty all at home and the rest of our parishioners who are in nursing homes and at home convalescing.  May God grant to all the sick of our parish many blessed, happy and healthy years


If any parishioner or family member is ill & would like to be on the pray list please call Karen or Kathy Kollar @330-726-8597. We would like to send GET WELL wishes.

ALTAR AND ROSARY SOCIETY: There will be coffee and donuts on September 17th following 9:00am Liturgy. After coffee and donuts there will the Altar and Rosary Society meeting. All are welcome!

PARISH DINNER: Mark your calendars because the annual parish dinner will be held on Sunday, October 15th 12:30pm.at the Holiday Inn in Boardman.  More information will be forthcoming.

BYZANTINE SOCIAL CLUB: The Byzantine Social Club will be meeting on Wednesday, September 13 at 6:00 pm in the pavilion for our corn roast Group B is in charge. NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME

ATTENTION ALL PARISHIONERS: This weekend we begin our new fundraiser campaign. We are selling raffle tickets with the grand prize being $1,000.00, 2nd & 3rd place are $500.00 each. We are asking each family to sell 5 books ($25.00) of tickets. We are doing this fundraiser to raise money for numerous projects needing to be done at the church. We do not know at this time if we will be making pirohy & Kolachi this winter, therefore; we are substituting this fundraiser. If you would like more tickets to sell/buy, because the seller of the winning tickets receives $25.00, please contact Fr. Michael, Paula Slemons or Michelle Straub. Please write your name on the back of the tickets you sold.  The drawing will be held in October. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

FATIMA :Saturday, October 14, 2017 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of OUR LADY OF FATIMA.  A Procession will begin at 11:15 am from St. Columbia Cathedral making its way to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Cathedral where a liturgy will be celebrated at12:15pm.  Please call Connie @ (330) 507-3880 for more information.

CCD: CCD classes will resume on September 26, 2017 6:30pm at Byzantine at the Grove All children K-12 are encouraged to attend Adult Classes will be offered by Father Kevin


Congratulations to Andrew and Erin Woodward and Grandmother, Debra Eckman on the Baptism of their son/grandson, Cru Louis, at St. Nicholas Church. May God grant Cru and his family many years filled with health and happiness.


Vocations are the result of Christian community “the master of the harvest will send out laborers for his harvest.” Placing faith and hope in this command of the Lord, all Byzantine Catholic Churches in America will begin a Pilgrim vocation Icon Program on Sunday, September 24. More information is forthcoming and a sign-up sheet is in the vestibule.

SANCTUARY CANDLES: The Sanctuary candles will be lit for the entire week for your intentions. The cost is $10. There are two Sanctuary candles so more than one intention may be given. This week’s Sanctuary Candles are for: the right- For the Health and Well-being of Jeff Hoxworth from Ron and JoAnn Hoxworth

 The left is for-Health and well-being of Jeff Hoxworth from Bob and Millie Jonda.


Happy Anniversary to: Robert & Stephanie Sheely September 10th, Peter & Mary Lou Kasper September 16th.

Happy Birthday to: Mickey Vasilchek September 8th, Lora Opsitnik September 10th,  Elizabeth and Philomena (twins)Cackovic  September 11th , Margie Budd September 22nd, Paula Buttry September 19th, Joe Hritz September 24th.

Attendance from Saturday & Sunday Liturgies:

Saturday Attendance: 35

Sunday Attendance: 60

ATTENTION PARISHIONERS: All bulletin announcements should now be sent to Paula Slemons. Please call (330)799-5983 with any information to be put in the bulletin by Wednesday of that week. Thank you.


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