May 2, 2021 Bulletin


Sat. May 1: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

             For the parishioners

Sun. 2: 9:00am @ Infant Jesus

              Sunday of the Samaritan


               Living & Deceased

               Members of the Altar

               Rosary Society

Mon. 3: 8:30 am @ Infant Jesus

               +Veronica & Alexander

                Kaniecky from Dr.

                Andrew Bulazo

Tues. 4: 8:30 am@ Infant Jesus

                +Mary Halus from

                +Edward Halus


Thurs. 6: 8:30 am @ Infant Jesus

                 +Fr. Robert Halus from

                 +Edward halus

Fri. 7: 8:30 am @ Infant Jesus

                 For the recovery from

                 Addiction from the

                 Sacred Heart Society of

                 St. Nicholas

Sat. 8: 6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

            + Thomas Urdea from family

Sat. 02: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

Sunday of the Man Born


Mother’s Day

            +Pamela Schnell from Kathy

             & Karen Kollar

Collection Report

Week of 4/25/2021

$               1387.00           Offertory

$                 175.00           Holy Day

$                   57.00           Candles

$                   41.80           Utility Offering

$                   10.00           Great Friday

$                   25.00           Resurrection

$               1695.80          TOTAL

Attendance from last week’s Liturgies:

 Saturday: 19

 Sunday: 56

 On Line: 10


Ken & Bernie Litwin, Richard Kuty, Pearl Tablack, Patricia Flaherty & all at home. Mary Rotunno at Assumption, Louise Macabobby at Hampton Woods, and the rest of our parishioners who are in nursing homes.  May God grant to all the sick of our parish many blessed, happy and healthier years.


If any parishioner or family member is ill & would like to be on the pray list, or receive get-well wishes, call Karen or Kathy Kollar @330-272-1857.


Congratulations to Britney Jonda and the YSU Girl’s Golf team who are the Horizon League Conference champs. Wishing you and your

Continued success.


Praying of the rosary by the Altar Rosary Society will be Sunday May 2, 2021 @ 8:30 am, prior to 9:00 am Liturgy. All parishioners are invited to join.


Helping Hands Day is sponsored by GCU Lodge 442. The Spring clean up and landscaping project will be held on Saturday May 8, 2021 from 9:00 am -12:00 (noon) at Infant Jesus Church grounds in Boardman.

On Saturday, May 22, 2021 from 10:00am-12:00 (noon) helping hands will be at St. Nicholas Byzantine Cemetery on Hyatt Street in Campbell.

All parishioners, friends, and families are invited to join for this project. The more volunteer “helping hands” we have, the more we can do to beautify our church grounds and St. Nicholas Cemetery for the Spring and Summer seasons.

There will be a light lunch provided at Infant Jesus and beverages and snacks at St. Nicholas Byzantine Cemetery.


Fr. Michael and Family would like to thank you for all wishes and greetings with the birth of their daughter Veronica Faith. Last Wednesday Archbishop William Skurla officiated a private ceremony of Christian Initiation of Veronica Faith. May God grant His servant Veronica many and blessed years!

The Samaritan Woman

Before You preach, leave your water jar. Augustine: Having heard, “I that speak with you am he,” and having received Christ the Lord into her heart, what could she do now but leave her water jar and run to preach the gospel? She cast out lust and hurried to proclaim the truth. Let those who would preach the gospel learn: let them throw away their water jar at the well. You remember what I said before of the water jar. It was a vessel with which the water was drawn, called hydra, from its Greek name, because water is hydor in Greek; just as if it were called aquarium, from the Latin. She threw away her water jar then, which was no longer of use but a burden to her, such was her eagerness to be satisfied with that water. Throwing her burden away to make Christ known, “she ran to the city and says to those men, ‘Come, and see a man who told me everything I ever did.”‘ Tractates on the Gospel of John 15.30.

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen:There is something good in everything. Evil has no capital of its own; it lives in goodness as a parasite. But loving the partial goodness in others we bring them more quickly to the circle of Goodness which is God. This was the tactic of Our Lord when He spoke to an adulteress at the well. There was nothing in common between His Divine Goodness and her sinful life, except a love of a drink of cold water. So He started there…and led her on to a declaration that He was Love and Savior of the world.

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