Liturgical Schedule

Sat. 15:  6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

              Dormition of the Theotokos

For the parishioners

Sun. 16: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

             11th Sunday after Pentecost

+ Milan Krivan from Mark & Annamarie Jonda

Mon. 17: 10:00 am @ Infant Jesus

             +Bishop Milan Sasik

Tues. 18: 10:00 am @ Infant Jesus

+ Margaret Iannazone & + Helen  Yurko from cousins Carol Demez, Mike Kudlovsky & Mary Jane Schultheis


Thurs. 20: 10:00 am  @ Infant Jesus

+ Mary & + James Hayer from Marybeth Hayer, Janice & David Hartzell

Fri. 21: 10:00 am @ Infant Jesus

+ Janice Salcedo from Dr. David & Toni Crans

Sat. 22:  6:00 pm @ Infant Jesus

              For the Parishioners

Sun. 23: 9:00 am @ Infant Jesus

             12th Sunday after Pentecost

+ Helen & + Louis Hayer from

Marybeth Hayer, Janice & David Hartzell


Happy Anniversary to:  Paul & Mary Kasper 4th, Gene & Sharon Mulichak August 17th, Michael & Kelly Chachko August 22nd, Ken & Bernie Litwin August 22nd, Joseph & Mary Ellen Hritz August 28th.

Happy Birthday to:  Mary Ellen Hritz August 4th, Monica Ripple August 5, Maryna Farynets 8th, Joan Sutton August 10th, Francine (Stanko) Schuler August 11th, Christine Valko August 13th,  Chris Chachko August 17th, Katie Weton 18th, Sophia Rivera 23rd

Collection Report

Week of 8/9/2020

$          1375.00               Offertory

$              83.00               Candles     

$              20.00               Maintenance Fund

$              48.58               Gas Royalties

$            175.00               Holy Day_______

$          1701.58                TOTAL

Attendance from last week’s Liturgies:

Saturday: 20

Sunday: 42

ATTENTION PARISHIONERS: All bulletin announcements should be sent to Paula Slemons. Please call (330)799-5983 with any information to be put in the bulletin by Wednesday of that week. Thank you very much.

Announcements and information


Ken & Bernie Litwin, Richard Kuty, Pearl Tablack, and Patricia Flaherty, all at home, William Ripple at Heritage Manor-Youngstown, Mary Rotunno at Assumption, Louise Macabobby at Hampton Woods, Helen Brill at Maplecrest and the rest of our parishioners who are in nursing homes.  May God grant to all the sick of our parish many blessed, happy and healthier years.


If any parishioner or family member is ill & would like to be on the pray list, or receive get-well wishes, call Karen or Kathy Kollar @330-272-1857.


We are currently looking for any parishioners who are interested in helping with the lawn services of the church. Please contact Joe Sinowski or Father Michael if available.


We are STILL continuing to look for businesses, organizations, and parish families to provide sponsorships in our Commemorative Anniversary Book. There will also be a section in memory of our beloved deceased parishioners. Order forms were sent to all parishioners’ homes. We have extended the deadline to the fall.  If you have more than one sponsor, or have any questions please contact the rectory or call Mary Sinowski at (330)540-4519.


Thank you to all parishioners who have had their pictures taken for our 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book.  We know some were unable to meet these dates; therefore, we will be planning another sitting as soon as possible.  We truly hope to have all parish families represented in our book. Any questions please see Father Michael or call Paula Slemons.


Father Michael will be blessing all students and teachers –grade school-college after next Saturday (August 22) & Sunday (August 23) liturgies. Even though school may look a little different this year, we hope all students come to receive a blessing during this time.   


ECF classes will begin Mid-September on Tuesdays. This year all students will attend classes at St. Michaels Church in Campbell. Adult classes will be held on Thursdays at St. Peter and Paul Church Infant Jesus of Prague Parish. Further information will be forthcoming. We encourage all students and adults to attend.


The Sanctuary candles will be lit for the entire week for your intentions. The right Sanctuary Candle is for the Chachko Family from Elaine Chachko.  The left Sanctuary Candle is in memory of + Thomas & + Kay Urdea from family.  

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